Ashfell TS and Discord connectivity Guide

  1. SeAT

    1. Register your EVE Online account

      Starting off you should visit the Ashfell Seat Website. On the side bar there are links to some important Services we use.

      SeAT is a tool corporations in EVE Online use to manage many different things. We here at Ashfell mainly use it to manage ranks on Discord and Teamspeak automatically and plan events that pilots can and should sign up for and attend! Once the connection is made, the menu on SeAT should contain various links including a connector and or groups and calendar, all of which have various internal functions in the corporation.

      If this is the first time that you have logged in with your EVE Online account using CCP’s ESI connection on the SeAT instance, you will have to wait for a few minutes. The waiting period varies from player to player this is due to communication times in-between EVE Online’s servers and the SeAT tool having an intermittent data dransfer to the servers Be Patient, in the worst case scenarios it can take as long as a couple of hours.


  2. Text Comms (aka. Discord)

    1. See above to connect to our SeAT instance.

      On the left panel menu, Click the “Connector” button, then the "Identities" button that appears under it.

      Click on the left panel DISCORD -- Join Server,

      From there SeAT will reroute you to the Discord login screen to sign into Discord and connect to our Discord Server.

      At this point you should see various channels and should send a message in a discord channel tagging an ashfell representative in a message.


      PLEASE pay attention to which account the discord website chooses for you! It happens frequently that Discord connects you with the wrong Discord ID (thats the #1234 behind ur username), this means you were logged in via a wrong account that you will not have access to again. If you think this happend to you or need help please feel free to contact an ashfell representative for assistance!

  3. Voice Comms (aka. TeamSpeak3)

    1. Voice Comms :

      We here at Ashfell operate our own TeamSpeak 3 server. Joining our TeamSpeak Server is a bit more complex that joining Discord. You must use a TeamSpeak 3 client program, as well as the SeAT ID manager. If you do not have TeamSpeak 3 download the TeamSpeak 3 client and install it on your computer.

      Start up TeamSpeak 3 on your computer. Now open your browser and go back to SeAT! Follow the connector link on the left panel and when you get to the "Identities" screen, click on the right panel: TEAMSPEAK -- Join Server. 

      After you click on “Join Server”

      the screen will change, and show a blue box near the upper half displaying
      a server address, a number like: ""
      a "nickname"made up of letters and numbers, that looks something like this: ab9FUkwrCvmVTR4KcXQ8PeBGF53ka.

      IF YOU ARE not already connected to TS3 Connect to the TS3 server 
      IF YOU ARE already connected - do not reconnect, simply move on to renaming yourself


      Copy the nickname provided to you in SeAT nickname section.
      Go to TS3 and right click on your name
      Select Change Nickname 
      Paste the SeAT provided nickname you copied earlier
      Click ok in ts to apply your temporary nickname
      in SeAT click proceed in the blue box at the lower right corner of the popup.

      Congratulations its that easy, welcome to our comms system.