Who are Ashfell?
Ashfell is a family of corporations who believe in the strength of diversity in pilots, their play styles, and the careers that fund them. We come together in common cause, like all the parts of a well-oiled machine, ready to win EVE time and time again.
What does your Ashfell 'do?'
Like so many things in EVE, the answer is "it depends."
  • First and foremost, we put a huge focus on our pilots. We welcome new players with open arms, good information, and a social community that's hard to find.
  • What we put our efforts into is influenced by the needs of our pilots, be it mining the minerals to build that ship you just bought a blueprint for; raising ISK for a much-needed module; helping you transport your assets; scouting ahead so you don't get ganked; rescuing you from a wormhole that collapsed (or you forgot to bookmark!), guarding pilots during exploration and mining; the list goes on.
  • This culminates in a kind of synergy that allows pilots to persue their own interests in a way that passively (or actively) contributes to our overall goals.
What are Ashfell's goals?
  • To enrich our pilots in terms of assets and wealth
  • To further enrich pilots through education and success-support
When can you be found online?
  • Our corps have pilots from around the globe, as such we are a 24/7 corp
Where does Ashfell live and operate?
Ashfell corporations are mostly in null-sec, but there are some operations that take place in high and low sec.
Good luck, pilot, and fly safe! o7